Meeting the criteria for the “Handy Andy” Scholarship Award:

  • A Portland (Maine) High School (PHS) senior athlete, male or female, who letters in a minimum of 2 sports, during the fiscal year of high school athletics, while
  • Maintaining a minimum 80 GPA.
  • Eligible candidates will have earned athletic letters in (2) or more sports to include: Football, Field Hockey, Girls Soccer, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Baseball, and Softball.
  • The candidate exhibits hustle, versatility, dedication, enthusiasm to compete with a “never say die” attitude while.  Maintaining sportsmanship and the ability to excel above competition as an outstanding performer.

The winner receives a one time scholarship grant OR the equivalent value spread out over four years.  Funds are directly applied towards college education or post high school education studies to an accredited school of the recipient’s choosing.

The Lano Family Foundation is very proud to be “investing in the future” of PHS student- athletes as they further their education, in the memory and honor of Andy Lano,  Class of 1946; one of the greatest PHS athletes of all time.

Go Bulldogs!!